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. . . Take your opportunity to become a Human Pyramid and move forward into the 5TH Dimension !

LUXOR Light Healing Energy
Beyond 2012!

LUXOR Light 
A Multi Dimensional Healing Frequency Energy that can propel us all along our path to Ascension!

My name is Jason Wright , I am a LUXOR Light Accredited Teacher and Healing Practitioner . I first became aware of the LUXOR Light healing energy in 2007 , when a friend and now colleague of mine Chantal Wright first introduced me to it . She had a LUXOR Light healing by Susan Smith , who at the time was the only Teacher in the UK . A year later Susan had started to run the Ascension programmes across England . So I went along to one of her workshops and it changed my life for EVER .  I had been struggling with life , things  were not going as i envisaged with my life . I was seeking answers , " Why was I here on Earth? " , "  What was the point of life ? " ,  " Was there a GOD ? "  For me , LUXOR Light lifted me to levels that i had only visited in dreams or in visions . It lifted me so that I could see things more clearly and from a higher perspective .  I was living my life from this higher point . It allowed me to see my life for what it really was and answered all the above questions that I had been asking . I now understood more fully why I was here on Earth at this time . I would say though , this path of Ascension is not for the light hearted . You do have to work hard at it , because the higher you go and by accepting your path to Ascension , one is saying I am ready for the tests and tribulations which you must overcome along the way . It is hard , one is asked to look at oneself in the mirror of life . See the reflextion of oneself through the acts and judgements of others but to know that life  is just a mirror reflection of your inner life , your soul and it is how you react to these lessons that helps one along the path . These lessons come to test you and show you the way ! 

             So I was on my way , I had ups and downs , good periods and periods where I was being really tested but it was a revelation for me  . During the following year I had contacted Christina vie email to introduce myself and she instantly made me feel comfortable , answered any questions I had and I knew that this was the path for me . I could feel it in my body , it was as if my whole body , every cell in my body knew that I had experienced this energy before , in previous lifetimes . Through talking with Christina I discovered that she visited Luxor in Egypt twice a year , leading spiritual tours and running workshops there . I knew that this was my next step along my path . I arranged to join up with Christina in the September of 2009 to attend her LUXOR Light Practitioners course , which was mind blowing enough , let alone the fact that i was attending it in the ancient city of Luxor . Amongst the Valley of the Kings , Tutankhamun's Tomb , Luxor Temple , Karnak Temple and many more wonderful sights . Oh and not forgetting the magnificent River Nile ! I had always wanted to visit Egypt , but the timing was not right . Well the timing was right NOW ! I came home a changed man . The tests kept coming but I was ready and willing to meet them head on . In that next year I returned to Luxor twice more . Christina had asked me if I would like to join her team and become a LUXOR Light Teacher . So in the September of 2010 I met up with her again and became initiated in a 2 day , 1 evening ceremony  . We slept in the desert and that following evening finished with a visit to Luxor Temple . Which for me , is the most Amazing event that I have ever experienced bar the birth of my daughter ! Again the tests kept coming on my return home . Bigger and bigger they came but this is my path now and I accept and bless them as each one is a chance to learn and move forward . So another year passed and now I am feeling is the time to start running Ascension workshops . My colleague Chantal , who is also a LUXOR Light Teacher and I are planning Ascension Programmes this coming year and we are also going to be running Meditation Evenings throughout the year , to offer people the chance to experience the healing energy and frequency of the AMAZING energy of LUXOR Light ! I want to offer this opportunity to others and show them with my life experiences that there is another way .       

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