LUXOR Light 303

. . . Take your opportunity to become a Human Pyramid and move forward into the 5TH Dimension !

LUXOR Light Healing Treatment

A LUXOR Light healing treatment consists of the following    

:-  Healing on the etheric , emotional , mental , spiritual and galactic bodies of the Aura

:-  Clearing any energy blockages in ones Aura

:-   Balancing and clearing ones Chakra system

:-   En-coding and or de-coding of ones DNA to align one with their true Life Path 

                     The process of healing is extremely powerful and will assist one in beginning ones process of Ascension or accelerating one along their journey to Mastery !

                    Usually after a LUXOR Light healing session one will attract the perfect experiences into ones life . In order to clear once and for all the baggage that weighs one down on their path to Oneness ! 

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